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Dear Friend:


Welcome to the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Website! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us here.

As you look through our resources, we trust you’ll discover that we are truly committed to presenting Christ in a contemporary, creative, credible, and caring way. We desire to do this in a friendly environment, where life-seekers from the Central New Jersey region are challenged to grow to their full potential as Disciples of Christ.

We’re a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church that allows people from every life cycle to get connected to God and to their fellow man. I believe you’ll agree with this assessment when you visit our campus and meet the members of our church family. On any given Sunday morning you will find worshippers from many, many nations of the world representing every hemisphere and from every age bracket.

We are a family-oriented church that desires to minister to the needs of every member of your family. Once you come through our doors we think of you as family! Relationships are very important to us! Everyone who visits us is considered an honored guest and is greatly valued!

 I believe you’ll find us to be just an ordinary group of people who have discovered God is real, love God, love people, and are affecting the world because we have experienced the freedom, joy, and satisfaction of salvation and the great life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!
 Our prayer is that God would capture your heart in that same way, if He hasn’t already, and that you will discover how much He cares for you and that He’ll guide you into the incredible plans He has for you!
We would be honored to help you grow in your relationship with Him and others!
We delight in providing many opportunities for you to meet people and do life together. I absolutely believe there is a place for you here!
It is also our desire to help people find the place of service and ministry that God has called them to. We have discovered that people find ultimate fulfillment in living out their God-given purpose, mission, and destiny!
Our staff and I are available to serve you in every possible way that we can. So join us, relax and enjoy yourself!
Serving Him and Others,
Pastor Steve & Lisa Schuessler