Our purpose is to worship and honor God by helping His people discover and develop their talents…

To bring to life the stories, people and principles of God’s Word through the varied media of visual and audio expressive arts…

To edify the Body of Christ And advance Christ’s Kingdom.


There’s an Ancient Proverb which says, “If I hear, I forget. If I see, I remember. If I do, I understand. Our goal . . . to “communicate” the principles of God’s Word through drama.

Throughout history God’s communication with his people has always been dramatic. Jacob’s ladder, Moses’ “living” rod, the dry road thru the Red Sea, Joshua’s sunset delay, Ezekiel’s visions, Jesus walking on water, feeding thousands with a little boy’s lunch… His resurrection….John’s revelation…. are only a few examples of the dramatic methods God used to communicate His message.

Drama is for People of all ages

Everyone has communication skills. . . skills that can be developed with practice!

There is a place for YOU in Drama Ministry!