Women’s Ministries is more than a meeting, it’s a MISSION!

The mission of Women’s Ministries is to reach women, disciple them and to help bring wholeness and balance to their lives.

Women’s Ministries is more than a program, it’s a PASSION!

We must be passionate hearts to see women discover their God-given gifts and find their place of ministry within the Body of Christ.

Women’s Ministries is more than a handshake, it’s a HUG!

The ability to connect with people and relate to them is the leading trait people desire to find in others. Women don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care. Every woman can find other women who care at LCF A/G.

Women’s Ministries is more than a label, it’s a LIFESTYLE!

Living like Jesus and ministering to the needs of others should be a way of life for every Christian. People want to see that the Christ-controlled life makes a difference and gives meaning to their existence. Ministering woman to woman!

Women’s Ministries is more than a project, it’s a PURPOSE!

Every woman should have at least one ministry where she is involved in serving others. Through Women’s Ministries, many opportunities exist where every woman can be motivated to find her place of service. If you are not involved, ask God where HE would have you begin, right here at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship.

Women’s Ministries meets the First Wednesday of the Month at 7:15PM and as announced.